Silver Utensils

Each silver utensil is a heirloom that passes down from generation to generation. It has a past and that increases its value.

At ORAGOLD, with the utmost respect for the history of each piece, we appraise the value and buy the silver utensils you own.

During the appraisal, the following key features are taking into consideration:

– Purity

– Condition

– Aesthetics

– Their value in weight

The purity of a silver utensil:

The unit of measurement is the object’s purity degrees, which indicate its density.

The degree is an important feature for appraising your silver objects, since it indicates their purity. Usually, silver utensils have prominent seals, such as 800o, 825o, 850o, 900o, 925o and 950o. This is the criterion that divides them into categories: the piece’s value is as high as its degrees of purity. When there is no seal, the item is usually silver plated, which is a simple piece of metal coated with silver.

Other key features:

Once it has been verified that the utensil is silver, it is important to verify:

– Its manufacturing date

– The manufacturer

– Its origin

– Its design

– Its condition

The price of silver is an important feature for an object’s appraisal. Each of these features will play an important role in determining its final price.

If you have silver utensils, such as jars, serving trays, tableware, decorative items, candlesticks, lamps, etc. or a collection of cutlery that you no longer use and would like to sell or get appraised, trust ORAGOLD. In a completely friendly and safe environment, your silver utensils will be appraised in the highest market prices and you will receive instant payment!

In the event of a transaction, it is mandatory to show an ID or passport. 

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