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Each coin in unique. It has a history, and a particular sentimental value.

With diligence and respect we daily appraise gold coins from anywhere in the world.

Whether European tradable coins or rare and elaborate ones from past centuries, we always remain at your disposal for appraisal and acquisition.

We offer accurate and substantiated appraisals for your gold coins.

We appraise and specialize in gold coins for more than 25 years. By following a specific and detailed procedure, we are able to provide you with a price for your gold coin.

We carefully examine the coin for damages and check the certificate that comes with it, if any.

We weigh the coin with specialized precision scales to confirm its weight and then check its other features, such as its diameter and thickness.

After identifying the year of its release and its rarity (how many pieces of this coin were released), we can give you an estimate.

The prices offered by ORAGOLD are without any doubt the highest in the market. Should you decide to sell your coins, you will be paid instantly their real value.

To sell your gold coins in Athens, contact the experienced professionals of ORAGOLD.

We buy coins from England, the US, France, Greece and all other countries where gold coins circulated from time to time.



British Gold Coins

The United Kingdom has a long history in the production and circulation of gold pounds. The coins depict the king on one side and Saint George with the dragon on the other. Learn about the history of the British gold pound.

Do you have British gold Pounds and want to know how much they are worth? Contact ORAGOLD for immediate and responsible information on the value of the gold Pound. We buy British gold pounds at the highest prices on the market. Contact us.

Austrian Gold Coins

All Austrian gold coins have Emperor Franz Josef I on one side and the two-headed imperial eagle on the other.

The Austrian gold coins are a substantial investment. Learn how to secure an instant payment by selling your gold Austrian Ducats or gold Guldens.

French Gold Coins

The well-known French Francs were released during the French Revolution and have maintained a consistently high market value ever since. The most famous French gold coins are the Napoleons or the gold coins of 10 and 20 Francs. See here the most popular French gold coins.

American Gold Coins

Do you have an American gold Dollar? The American gold coins have a particular interest and value today. The Statue of Liberty and the American Eagle are the most common depictions on coins, but occasionally anniversary editions have also been released.


Greek Gold Coins

It is only logical that Greece, a country with rich history, would have a large collection of Greek gold coins. In the era of King George, there were coins of 10, 20, 50 and 100 gold Drachmas. Contact us for more information and prices.

Cypriot Gold Coins

The Makarios gold Pound is one of the most known Cypriot coins. There were coins of half, one, five and fifty gold Pounds. Moreover, Cyprus has released gold Euro.

Italian Gold Coins

The Italian gold coins are a great opportunity for an easy and quick payment. We buy gold Vittorio Emanuele Lira in the best market prices.

Mexican Gold Coins

The Mexican gold Pesos are of particular beauty and high money value. Especially, the Centenario is a rare and elegant coin. If you have Mexican gold coins, contact the experts of ORAGOLD for their selling price.

South African gold coins

Krugerrand is the highest-selling African gold coin worldwide. On one side it depicts Paul Kruger, the first president of the Republic of South Africa, and the other an African springbok. Learn more about the African gold coins.

Turkish Gold Coins

The Turkish gold coins were released for the first time in 1478 and since then there were various versions and names, depending on their cut. At ORAGOLD, we buy Turkish gold coins. Contact us for prices.

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