We buy gold coins

Each coin is unique. It has a history, and a particular sentimental value..

With diligence and respect we daily appraise gold coins from anywhere in the world.

Whether European tradable coins or rare and elaborate ones from past centuries, we always remain at your disposal for appraisal and acquisition.

The key factors that dictate gold coins’ value are:
  • Η νομισματική κυκλοφορία
  • Η χρονολογία
  • Το υλικό κατασκευής
  • Η κατάσταση
    • We carefully examine the coin for damages and check the certificate that comes with it, if any.
    • We weigh the coin with specialized precision scales to confirm its weight and then check its other features, such as its diameter and thickness.
    • After identifying the year of its release and its rarity (how many pieces of this coin were released), we can give you an estimate.

    The prices offered by ORAGOLD are without any doubt the highest in the market. Should you decide to sell your coins, you will be paid instantly their real value..

    In the event of a transaction, it is mandatory to show an ID or passport.

    We offer accurate and substantiated appraisals for your gold coins.

    We appraise and specialize in gold coins for more than 25 years. By following a specific and detailed procedure, we are able to provide you with a price for your gold coin.

    Learn more about the precious coins from different countries worldwide.
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    The Greek gold coins have always been a magnet for many collectors and investors due to their long history and their high value.
    The 20 gold drachmas with the bust of George I and mint date of 1884 is a characteristic Greek gold coin. George I was King of Modern Greece after Otto and was assassinated on March 18, 1913 in Thessaloniki. The evolution of the Greek gold drachmas over the years led to the issuing of the collectible gold euro coins in 2004, on the occasion of the Olympic Games organized in Athens.