Italian gold coins are known for their content in gold and classic design.
These fine coins are a good example of European coinage, from the mid to late 19th century.
Due to the long history of Italy many different types and designs of Italian gold coins have been released.
Lira was the name chosen for the new coinage of the kingdom that began in 1861.
The 5 Lira gold Italian coin Vittorio Emanuele II was created to replace the large silver 5 Lira one.
However, very soon the Italian Kingdom stopped its production.
Today, it is one of the most expensive coins of Italian coinage.
Notable are the Italian 20 Lira gold coins, depicting many Italian kings, including Umberto I (1879-1897) and Emanuele III (1902-1908).
Their rarity makes them attractive to collectors and their gold content ensures that they are equally attractive to investors.
The 20 Lira gold coin of Vittorio Emanuele embodies the history of one of the oldest royal families in the world, and their quest to conquer and unify the once-divided Italian peninsula.
These gold coins mark the country’s first monetary union for more than 300 years.
An old coin forgotten in your drawer can be an opportunity to quickly and easily receive a significant amount of money, as the fair value of gold coins remains unchanged through time.
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