Pawning Valuables at ORAGOLD

Pawning of gold objects, precious watches and diamonds with the ORAGOLD warranty, an officially licensed company. Pawning enables instant payments, without losing your valuable items.

Pawning valuable items: Get instant payment!

Do you have an urgent need for money?

Get the money you need, without selling your valuables, through pawning!

Our shops have experienced appraisers, who will appraise your valuables (jewelry, watches, coins, gemstones, etc.) in a completely safe and friendly environment at the highest prices in the market!

Our goal is to build longstanding relationships of trust with our customers.


How to pawn an item?

The process we follow for pawning your items in our shops is simple:

  1. Book your appointment on the day and time that suits you.
  2. Our experienced professionals appraise your items.
  3. We agree on the final amount.
  4. The transaction and its details are recorded in the official state book.
  5. An official Private Repurchase Contract is signed.
  6. You receive the agreed amount of money.
  7. Your items are stored in a bank’s safe deposit boxes.
  8. Your pawn is returned to you anytime you wish!


Our transactions are always carried out in accordance with the law, covering all your requirements and providing you with the protection you deserve.

Is the pawn safe?

The ORAGOLD shops are state licensed, so you can rest assure that your valuables are pawned safely and with accuracy. We build relationships of trust with our customers, by applying, without any derogation, the provisions on the protection of legal private lending law. Thus, with the issue of the Private Repurchase Contract, you have a written agreement with ORAGOLD.

Your valuables are stored in a bank’s safe deposit boxes, ensuring their safety.

Our core principle is to carry out legitimate, transparent transactions, to better serve our customers.

What is the Private Repurchase Contract?

The Private Repurchase Contract is basically the contract that contains all the terms of the agreement, so that you can be completely assured and confident about the entire pawning transaction. This Private Contract contains the following details in brief:

  • The details of the parties.
  • The contract date.
  • A detailed description of the valuables (weight, carats, etc.).
  • The amount agreed.
  • The duration of the contract.
  • The legitimate profit of the shop.
  • The registration number of the pawn in the official state book.
  • Your rights and obligations.

You also have the option of adjusting the duration of the contract, as well as the method of repayment, to suit your payment capability and needs.

With the issue and signing of the Contract you shall receive instant payment!

Pawning is not just a simple transaction for us; it’s a process of trust and human relationship development with our customers.

In the event of a transaction, it is mandatory to show an ID or passport.

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