Gold jewelry is a special and very significant case for our team. Within the past three decades we have evaluated thousands of precious pieces having always in mind the same basic principle;

 “Each gold jewelry hides a unique story and we have to appreciate it with the utmost treatment and respect”

We evaluate for free and buy your branded gold jewelry at the highest prices you could find on the market. You can visit us and confirm the above statement. We will be happy to serve you.

Additionally, we buy modern and contemporary no-name gold jewelry which are in good condition. Don’t hesitate to fill the evaluation form of gold and jewellery. We will respond as soon as possible with our experienced evaluation free of charge.


Price of a Gold Jewelry

It is important to know that we evaluate and buy your jewelry at the highest price, always considering it as a piece of jewelry. That means that we also take into consideration the brand of your jewelry as well as the precious stones that might have. We don’ t just count the weight of gold.

At Oragold we know better than anyone that a gold piece should be evaluated based on all its features and not just counting the weight of the gold it carries. You can sell your branded jewelry only at Oragold.


We Buy Branded Gold Jewelry

We buy branded jewelry of Lalaounis, Zolotas, Nikos Koulis, Cartier, Bulgari, Chopard, Tiffany & co, Harry Winston, de GRISOGONO, Van Cleef, Graff, Piaget and Chaumet.

These special and precious pieces of jewelry and the famous collections of the above houses can be properly evaluated only by experienced estimators. Each one of them is appreciated with the utmost care.

You can always visit one of our stores for your free evaluation.


Certificates of Authenticity of Branded Jewelry

All branded jewelry is accompanied by official documents such as certificate of authenticity etc. These documents must include a unique reference code number that validates their authenticity. You will achieve a higher price if you have it!

 In the event of a transaction, it is mandatory to show an ID or passport.