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Luxury watches combine functionality and elegance. They are pieces that convey their own history, thus increasing their value over time.

At ORAGOLD, we undertake with responsibility and expertise the appraisal and purchase of designer watches that you own, respecting the uniqueness of each watch.

The key features for the appraisal of watches are the following:

  • Manufacturing company
  • Condition
  • Supporting documents
  • Functionality of the machine

    The brand and model are among the most important factors in the evaluation of the watch. These two factors also determine its demand, i.e. whether or not a watch is commercial.

    The supporting documents and the original packaging are equally important for the evaluation of the watch, because they help us identify the following parameters:

    • Reference Code
    • Serial Number
    • Production Date
    • The store where you bought the watch

    A key factor that will determine the final price of the watch is its condition. If the watch is in good condition, meaning that there are no hits, scratches on the crystal, its bracelet is in good condition, it does not have many pieces missing, and if all necessary maintenance service has been done, the watch will be sold at its highest price.

    In the event of a transaction, it is mandatory to show an ID or passport.

    Our longstanding experience in buying and selling branded watches combined with our extensive knowledge of the watchmaking industry guarantee a reliable appraisal and above all the best market price.

    We will appraise with accuracy and diligence your branded watch in a totally secure and friendly environment and you will receive instant payment!


    ROLEX watches stand out for their innovative designs & mechanisms and have done so for over a century. The first self-winding watch and the first waterproof case are milestones of Rolex’s design.
    Today, Rolex is recognized as a symbol of ultimate prestige, luxury and innovation around the world. Rolex watches stand out for their timeless design and flawless appearance.
    Among the legendary models are the Submariner, the GMT-Master II and the Cosmograph Daytona.

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    Do you buy watches with functionality issues or damages?

    Do you buy watches with functionality issues or damages?

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