More Precious Stones

Generally, precious stones are characterized by various minerals that possess certain properties, such as shine, durability and rarity.

Nature creates a multitude of rocks and precious minerals.

The most famous and expensive gemstones are the diamond , the ruby , the emerald and the sapphire


Diamond is the king of gemstones and the most commercial stone of the modern economy. It is the hardest material in the world and its value can be boosted depending on its characteristics. See what factors affect the diamond price .

αγορά διαμαντιών στην υψηλότερη αξία τους


The ruby belongs to the corundum family and owes its deep red color to chromium. It is used in the manufacture of expensive and impressive jewelry.

αγορά ρουμπινιών στην πραγματική τους αξία


Another gemstone belonging to the broader category of corundums is the sapphire. The sapphire is blue in color and is (along with the ruby) the hardest material after the diamond. The largest sapphire deposits are found in South Africa, Sri Lanka and Thailand.

αγορά ζαφειριών από την oragold


Emerald is a beautiful mineral in the shades of green, commonly found in gold jewelry, such as necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings. It belongs to the beryllium category, and most of its worldwide extraction takes place in Colombia.

αγορά σμαραγδιών από την oragold

In addition to the above gemstones, there are others of lower value that are widely used in jewelry and are in demand in the purchase and sale of gemstones.


Although amber is not a mineral, it belongs to the category of gemstones. It is made of fossil resin and has a golden yellow color.

κεχριμπάρι αγορά πολύτιμων λίθων oragold


Aquamarine is a fairly common stone. It is a variant of beryllium and its name means “seawater”, due to its characteristic blue-green color.

aqua marina πολίτιμος λίθος αγορά oragold


Nephrite is a dark green mineral. Its composition consists of calcium, magnesium and silicon compounds. As a mineral, it has been found since antiquity in the region of Europe.

Νεφρίτης αγορά πολύτιμων λίθων απ την Oragold

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli is known for its very intense blue color. It is of high value and is found in jewelry, vases and other objects. The mask of Tutankhamen is adorned with lapis lazuli stones.

Λάπις Λαζούλι αγορά πολύτιμων λίθων στην πραγματική τους αξία


Tanzanite is an extremely rare blue or purple stone. It took its name from Tanzania, the country where it was discovered.

τανζανίτης αγορά στην πραγματική αξία oragold


Opal is probably the most impressive stone, as it has many bright colors and emits a unique glow. It is a popular stone, especially when it comes to good quality.

οπάλιο αγορά στην πραγματική αξία


A fairly common and beautiful stone where its color is the same as its name. Turquoise is found in jewelry but one can also buy it for free, like a stone.

Τιρκουάζ πολύτιμος λίθος αγορά oragold


Morganite is a pink, pale pink and shiny stone. It is a variety of beryllium and is known as 'pink emerald'.

Μοργκανίτης αγορά πολύτιμων λίθων από την Oragold


Moonstone is a translucent iridescent stone that was widely used by the designers of the art nouveau movement.

Φεγγαρόπετρα αγορά πολύτιμων λίθων oragold

Rose quartz

The pink shade of quartz is a beautiful and quite common stone. Its color is due to the impurities of iron, magnesium and titanium.

ροζ χαλαζίας rose quartz αγορά oragold


Citrine is the yellow variety of quartz. It is a transparent stone that has a high value when found in natural form and not made artificially.

σιτρίν αγορά πολύτιμων λίθων από την oragold

All gemstones, whether the best known or the least commercial, have value.

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