Gold Bars

Gold bars are standard plates usually made of pure 24ct gold. For many centuries they have been a solid investment value, while their price remains high and is directly affected by the price of gold.

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The first references to gold bars did not determine specific dimensions or purity of gold. However, today there are big companies that manufacture genuine and certified products under strict specifications. The best known are Suisse, Heraeus, Umicore and Metalor.

We buy gold bars

If you have gold bars and are interested in selling them, come to ORAGOLD. We cover 100% of the value of the gold bars and offer the highest prices in the market. Contact us.

Most popular gold bar sizes

Gold bar sizes range from 1 gram up to 12.5 kg. The most commercially available are those of 5, 10 or 15 grams, with the one thousand gram (1 kg) bar often being purchased for investment purposes.

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Important information on gold bars

All gold bars currently manufactured are accompanied by a certificate of authenticity and registered by the manufacturer’s serial number. This is in order to avoid counterfeiting and the creation of non-genuine bars. They also bear the seal of the company.

If there is a certificate for your bar, you should also present it if you wish to sell it. If you do not have it, you can still come to ORAGOLD and we will appraise the bar for free.

It is important to know that all transactions in our shops are carried out by displaying an official document (ID or passport) and that we offer you the full value of the bar.

If you wish to sell your gold bars, you need to address qualified and experienced professionals.

In the event of a transaction, it is mandatory to show an ID or passport.

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