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The market of precious stones is very important to us. Each gemstone has its own value and we must treat and appraise each case separately and with great diligence.

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How is the price for diamonds shaped:

The four factors that determine the final price of diamonds are their cut, color, carat weight and purity.

The cut or shape of diamonds

Round Brilliant

One of the most common shapes is the round diamond. It is mainly used in engagement rings and has a lot of commercial value nowadays.


The emerald shape is a very elegant and stylish cut; very popular all over the world.


The cushion cut is nostalgic and can be seen in vintage pieces.


The oval cut is an alternative form of round cutting. Usually preferred by those who like the features of the round ones, but in a less common version.


A heart-shaped diamond exudes romance and uniqueness. It has a small slit at the top and usually has a noticeable shine.


The radiant cut is a cross between the ever popular round one and the rectangular or square shapes.


The Marquise shape is a classic and traditional cut for engagement rings. These shapes are characterized by intense shine and purity.


The princess cut is a square and very popular cut. It was first designed and produced in 1970. Therefore, it is a relatively recent diamond shape.


The pear cut is not as commercial as the round or emerald one, but offers rare brilliance and purity.


This square-emerald diamond is created through a very specific cutting process and looks almost octagonal.

The color of diamonds

Χρωμα διαμαντιων αγορα πολυτιμων λιθων

The color of a diamond significantly affects its value. White and shiny diamonds have a higher value than dull and yellow ones. For example, diamonds in color D, E and F are whiter and therefore more expensive. The lowest priced diamonds belong to the S-Z category and are pale yellow.

The weight in carats

αγορα πολυτιμων λιθων το βαρος σε καρατια


Carat is a unit of measurement of gemstones and equals to ⅕ of one gram, i.e. to 0.2 grams. It is evident that the higher the weight of a diamond, the greater its value.

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αγορα πολυτιμων λιθων καθαροτητα

By purity, we mean the clarity of a diamond. A flawless diamond has no black spots, while the more black spots it has, the lower its purity.

A perfect, in terms of purity -inside and out- diamond has an FL grade (from “FLawless”). The immediately lower category is IF (internally flawless) and characterizes diamonds that have excellent purity only internally and the scale continues with the VVS1, VVS2, VS1, VS2, SI1, SI2 and SI3 categories, and is completed with grades I1, I2 and I3 for less pure diamonds.

If you have the certificate that came with your diamond, it is a good idea to bring it with you.

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