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How are natural pearls created:

Genuine pearls are products of nature and are created inside shellfish.

When a foreign body, e.g. a grain of sand, enters the shell, it produces a substance called nacre, in order to be protected from the parasite.

Over the years, it creates a hard sphere that encloses it and thus protecting itself.

This sphere is the famous natural pearl. Today pearls can be manufactured, however, the natural ones are of higher value.

Pearls at the highest market prices

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The properties of pearls

Surface texture

Natural pearls do not have a perfectly smooth surface. They have small cavities or bumps, which are mostly visible with a magnifying glass.

You may be able to feel these small irregularities. But you should know that the smoother a natural pearl, the higher its value and price.


The diameter of the core of natural pearls is usually less than one millimeter, but there are pearls with a diameter of 12 millimeters.

The bigger the diameter, the higher their value is.

However, if you own a very large pearl, it is advisable to consult a specialist to confirm its authenticity.

Contact the experts of ORAGOLD for an appraisal of your pearls.


Natural pearls are heavier than artificial ones.

Visit a specialist, to accurately weigh and appraise your pearl.

Because pearls are naturally produced, there is no minimum weight that determines their authenticity.

“Each pearl is unique and has a unique value. At ORAGOLD we know and appreciate real pearls.”


Shine is a key feature of pearls. Every small or large surface of the irregular sphere reflects light with intensity, making this small gem have a high value and be striking.

Pearls, as all precious stones, are valuable items. Receive instant payment for your pearls, by visiting the ORAGOLD shops.

In the event of a transaction, it is mandatory to show an ID or passport.

Request a free appraisal now!

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