The Cypriot gold coins fall into two categories: they can either be gold Pounds or gold Euro, and they are emblematic and extremely valuable.
The Makarios gold Pound was cut in 1966 by the Republic of Cyprus and the number of coins was limited.
They are coins whose value exceeds the equivalent and equal to weight British gold Pound. The Makarios gold Pound can be found in various versions:
On a coin of 1, 5, 20, etc. pounds. Hence, the weight and purity depends on the type.
The Pound was the official currency of Cyprus, until the country joined the European Union in January 1, 2008. With its accession to the European Union, the issue of Euro gold coins began.
A gold commemorative Euro coin was created by the Republic of Cyprus in 2010, depicting a tree with its twigs embracing a dove, symbolizing the desire for peaceful coexistence.
In 2013 a gold collective Euro was created by the Central Bank of Cyprus, depicting a young woman holding an olive branch with fruit, symbolizing hope.
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